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Making all the arrangements for your beautiful wedding ceremony is not enough. Your marriage won’t be legal unless you get it registered; this is a common procedure, which has to be followed by everyone. Find out how you can get a marriage certificate both before and after the ceremony.
Do you know marriage registration is compulsory in India?
Registering your marriage is like giving a legal status to your married life. It was optional process till now, however Union Cabinet have made Marriage registration Compulsory with effect from 12th April 2012 for all Indian Citizen. It is now a rule that all the marriages have to be registered whether you are having a wedding ceremony or not.
A marriage certificate is an important proof, in case there are some problems between you and your spouse in the future and a legal action needs to be taken. If your marriage is not registered it is not considered legal, and you may face Problems in getting governmental documents like obtaining work or PR visas abroad, or getting Joint home loan, you could also be penalized for not registering your marriage, as it is now compulsory to Obtain Marriage certificate.
We have made this tough Marriage Registration Process so simple for you by providing Online Marriage registration facility in Mumbai region. You can now get your Marriage certificate in few easy steps, at your door step!
  • Certificate of marriage is a document, which provides valuable evidence of marriage;
  • Certificate of marriage is a document providing social security, self-confidence particularly among married women;
  • Certificate of marriage is useful in getting the visa for the wife/husband.
  • It will be helpful in claiming the Bank deposits or Life Insurance benefits when the depositor or the Insurer dies Without a nomination or otherwise.

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